Sunday, August 15, 2010

Sustainably Conscious

Looking back of my previous fashion subject sustainability has become a “fashionable” topic of conversation. In the subject “Intro to Fashion” KFB103 we briefly touched base on this idea of sustainable fashion. The message is coming in loud and clear and there seems to be some common answers to the question; “How do we make fashion sustainable?”

Authors Janet Hethorn &  Connie Vlasewicz of their 2008 book “Sustainable Fashion why now? : A conversation about issues, practices and possibilities” gives a great insight into the whole topic of sustainable fashion. I found their book an interesting read with many thought provoking statements;

Below are few interesting extracts I discovered from their book;

“Ethical Consumerism – Clothing with a conscience”

“Most want to wear clothes that are made in “responsible” ways and that do not harm the planet."

“Most would agree that sustainable fashion is some what of an oxymoron. After all, sustainability is about longevity and fashion is about change.”

“Sustainable” is a concept not fully embraced by fashion…”

“How do we resolve this? How do we design, develop and wear fashion in sustainable ways and still participate with fashion as we know?”



“Consider ways that processes can be changed and sustained in relation to news ways of approaching fashion.”

“Environmental concerns and opportunities are closely tied to fashion. Since garments are made of material eg (fibers and fabrics) there are direct physical environmental impacts connected to the use and reuse, resilience and sustainable actions that surround fashion.”

“By purchasing and wearing clothing, people express choices about their own ecological footprint.”

“Product processes have a major impact on the planet.”

“Clothing has the potential, when designed thoughtfully, to better sustain people as they go about their everyday lives.”

“How can we, as designers and producers of clothing impact the many possibilities for sustainable outcomes?”

Sustainability means something different to each different person. It is up to each of us to sort out our own unique course.”

“People who design, produce, market and consume fashion must be informed and be apart of the larger conversation on sustainable issues and practices.”

“Fashion provides and opportunity of awareness for sustainability.”

Although there is a lot of confusion about what is sustainable. I believe every small effort counts. I also believe we need to keep searching and researching for new answers and different avenues to achieve the best outcomes. As time will tell more and more designers of the future will develop amazing new ways to make fashion a more sustainable industry. In order for sustainable fashion to thrive; we as consumers, producers and designers need to make a conscious decision to be informed. The more we know the more we can contribute to the sustainable cause. It is everyone’s responsibility.


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