Thursday, August 12, 2010

Deconstruction continued...3

So I have detached the ruffle from the bottom of my favourite skirt. I really had a hard time destroying something that was already in perfectly functioning and usable condition. The idea of deconstructing a garment and cutting it up, is wrong and stresses me. But I guess that is the whole point of this assignment. Experimentation.

My lectures Marc and Jane both gave me a big nudge today.  "Just go for it", says Jane.  "This project is suppose to be fun", says Marc. 

It's funny that they have both grown to know me so well and tell when I'm stalling.  I would prefer to remain mysterious and aloof but a lass I'm not that hard to figure out really.  

I know I am usually slow of the mark ( as I am just a big thinker and always... thinking...thinking...thinking) but the end product is always well worth the wait...


Just see what has come out of today. 

So I'm liking this... Above image. :)

 Now I getting somewhere.  It is very Easton Pearson esk I know? I do have an affinity with patterns and colours clashing them together.  It's too much fun to be dull. 

What do you think??  Fans out there somewhere.  Would love to know what you think!

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