Thursday, August 12, 2010

Making Docos about Art and Fashion

As apart of this assignment our class is being Documented for a film. During one interview session with Marc Close I was asked something along the lines of how do I find using my artist's creative process for inspiration? I found this question quite puzzling at the time and made the silliest of assumptions. I assumed that everyone in our fashion class had previously studied art during their secondary studies. My thinking was this; of course it makes sense, I apply the exact same design principles and processes whether I am painting a picture or sculpting as I do when I am designing fashion. It wasn't until this interview was over that I started thinking more about this question and that perhaps Art it's not so intertwined in everyone's creative process as it is for myself. 

Perhaps to explain better I need to clarify my history.  My first recollections of loving fashion was when I was five I received a Barbie drawing toy which allowed me to change Barbie's head, torso and legs. I would sit for hours with my crayons rubbing them over the pieces changing them and doing it all over again. I loved this toy so much I have since been searching for it on Ebay in hopes that one day it will appear for me to buy. (God only knows how much it would cost!) But since then I have had a great fascination with Barbie and of drawing and the two hobbies have always played a strong part of my life.  

Art took on a really strong roll throughout my education as a child didn't take ballet classes or participate in any group sports but instead attended art classes with Mrs Tully every Saturday morning. There I learned traditional techniques in oil painting, drawing in charcoal & pencil and pottery. 

The idea that "For Us by Us" is basically trying to achieve the concept of bringing creditability to fashion is an interesting notion and something I feel that has perhaps been lacking in the fashion industry. But what I understand from my own personal experience and journey through life is that I have a strong appreciation for all creatives. Whether they be an artist, a musician, or a chef, the idea of "creditable creativity" being exclusive to the art world is an absurd notion. One which I find very peculiar and perhaps invented by someone who is not a creative thinker.

 I realize that I am no expert in this subject but would love to know what you all think of this?
Tell me your thoughts.

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