Wednesday, August 4, 2010

My Artist - Louise Tahiraj

Analogue Dialogue, video still.

Artist Statement:  By Louise Tahiraj

My practice constantly renegotiates female identity in an investigation of drawing persona's in contemporary video art. I explore the construction of subjectivity through layers of auto-biographical, social and sub-cultural creative narratives in attempt to reconfigure day-to-day physical and psychological experience. Through web-cam technology I capture and layer my own image against hand drawn elements to produce clunky videos which are constantly re-shaped through editing, allowing multiple persona's to re-emerge at each iteration. The deliberate ‘lo-fi’ aesthetics occur in parallel with what I identify as ‘spaces of boredom’ that arise out of excess possibilities at my disposal, which is coupled with a self-limiting inability to access all of these possibilities. It is these personal idiosyncrasies that I critically investigate that become points of reflection on my shifting sense of identity. 

Body College, video still.

Go to Louise Tahirjai to find out more about the Artist Louise Tahirjai.

When Artist Louise Tahirjai introduced herself and her artwork to our class I was instantly drawn to her creative process. I also found a few words which stood out from her introduction which were; "playful & fun", "clunky", "identity as a process".  I was also drawn to her medium of blue screen , drawing and technology and online social networking.   What I also took away from viewing her work is the multiple layering, the tranparenties, reflections, repetitions, the eyes, the connect between Louise and her self, the audience interaction and reaction, and the online culture and experience perceived.

There is beauty with in simplicity of Louise's work. It has an organic nature to it as it is unscripted. The layering in her filming adds complexity, which creates almost a white noise effect, like the noise of everyday life.

Here are some links to her work on youtube below;

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