Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Is Fashion Art?

 In the recent article from the Sept issue of the Australian Vogue Is Fashion Art?, Journalist Mitchell Oakley Smith talks about his findings on the way to publishing his new book on Australian & New Zealand Fashion Designers. After some time researching and interviewing for his book he came to an interesting conclusion about fashion and art.

"...It's not worth talking about one without the other..."(Oakley Smith). 

This statement completely sums up how I feel about fashion. I also agree with Oakley Smith's statement questioning the concept that we are quick to call something that is unwearable art. Should we be so quick to categorize? Perhaps when we can see that there is thought put into a design whether is be wearable or not will not make it art but the idea that a good concept and creation is just as creditable as an Artist's work is. 

The Fashion industry is constantly striving to reinvent itself season after season.
From a designers perspective; Fashion like Art involves "creation" and perhaps where the two disciplines differ is; fashion is trend driven. But because we have trends to follow doesn't mean we can't be creative about it. Trends thus, in essence give fashion designers a "creative boundary". A boundary interestingly enough that artists do not set for themselves. 

In order to be successful in this highly competitive industry of fashion, designers have to cleverly combine innovation with trends. Perhaps to be even understood by the end consumers; designers need work with trends so that there is a united theme that gives the end wearer the ability to cohesively coordinate different pieces together. Not only does this create a benefit for the buyer but it also creates a much more commerically viable product. Good for the buyer.  Good for the Designer.

Other industries such as grahic design, illustration, photography are also essential trend driven.If we were to apply this question to these fields most would agree that; yes they are art. One only needs to flick through magazines to see the common design trends present between these mediums.

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